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Why Now

The significance of the Project is underscored by the fact that though the NPT Review Conference at the UN headquarters in New York in May 2015 concluded without reaching a consensus, there have been a number of noteworthy developments.

These include: a growing number of countries endorsing the Humanitarian Pledge, a commitment to work together for the resolution of the nuclear arms issue; the adoption in December 2015 by the UN General Assembly of several ambitious resolutions calling for a breakthrough; and the extensive efforts of faith-based organizations and the engagement of youth against the backdrop of rising calls from civil society for the prohibition and abolition of nuclear weapons.

Besides, efforts have been intensified for entry into force of the CTBT, Treaty banning all nuclear tests, twenty years after it was opened for signature. Active participation of states, international organizations and the civil society in the Open-ended Working Group taking forward multilateral nuclear disarmament negotiations (OEWG) in Geneva in 2016 also contributing to secure a foothold for a world free from nuclear weapons.



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